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Mariposa Folk Festival

One festival with many success stories is Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia, Ontario. This is a three-day music festival that is volunteer-driven festival and involving  approximately 8,000 individuals this year, with 50 different artists performing. The festival grounds include ten different stages, an artisans’ village, a variety of vendors and both RV and tent camping. Mariposa Folk Festival is a great example of a festival making continuous efforts to reduce their ecological impact. Here are some of the greening initiatives that Mariposa has incorporated into their festival:

Transportation – There are free shuttle buses running continuously from different pick up points in Orillia, and other scheduled buses/shuttles running at certain times from various locations. If festival goers choose to bike instead of drive to the festival there are free bike racks for use.

Composting – Everything the food and beverage vendors at Mariposa serve their food on is 100% compostable. That includes the cups and glasses, bowls, plates, utensils.

Water Station – This is a plastic water bottle free event. Festival attendants can have access to free water all weekend long instead by using a re-usable water container and visiting the water station.

Procurement – Mariposa only contracts with printing companies that are Forest Stewardship Council certified for our posters, programs and printed materials.

Clean Energy – A solar trailer is used to power the late night festival stage. There will also be a station where festival goers can use peddle power on a bike to charge their cellphones.

Waste Diversion – The volunteer Green Team will help sort and determine what goes where in order to divert as much waste from the landfill as possible.

These greening efforts are made to ensure that the festival has a positive impact on the community. Mariposa Folk Festival has done great work becoming more sustainable, and they continue to strive to do a better job year after year. This festival is a definite success story!

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