COMMUNITYFestival Greening Techniques



Here’s what you can do, rated on effort involved:


  • Use local labour and local services whenever possible
  • Identify local organizations, community groups and NGOs which would be a good partner for your organization
  • Donate to community groups in needs (e.g. old linens, office furniture, other supplies)
  • Sponsor, celebrate or participate in local, national and international environmental events, such as Earth Day, Tree Plantings and Community Clean Up Days
  • Invite local green groups and charities to set up booths and collect donations while educating the public



  • Build on-going relationships and partnerships with local community groups and NGO’s
  • Join local associations which market regional sustainable tourism products to tourists
  • Offer discounts to local groups for meetings and events
  • Try to provide year round employment opportunities for the local workforce
  • Showcase your local heritage/promote local heritage places and events
  • Promote other businesses in your areas which are sustainable
  • Organize a non-perishable food donation week, or a clothing donation day
  • Collaborate with First Nation representatives to promote their heritage and culture
  • Have well-developed partnerships with local community groups or NGO’s
  • Work with partners to encourage visitors to explore the local landscape
  • Showcase local art where possible
  • Actively promote other businesses that are sustainable

Community Facts

A Bonnaroo Works Fund was created to invest in the causes the community cares about, and so far more than $5 in grants have been given out.

The Quebec City Summer Festival donated 2,000 unclaimed objects to Quebec City charities.

A Bonnaroo Works Fund was created to invest in the causes the community cares about, and so far more than $5 in grants have been given out.

Best Practise Case Studies




Conservation Booths

Windfall Ecology Festival, Canada

A series of stands are set up at the festival and are manned by various local environmental associations. In 2015 these included a conservation authority, a naturalist group, a university environment program, and more! These booths provided information to the community, and also supported local groups.

Best Local Involvement

Pumpkinfest, Saugeen Shores, Canada

The entire community is involved in assisting to run the festivals. Partners of the festival include many local sponsors, local non- profit groups, The Municipality of Saugeen Shores, and Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce. Pumpkinfest has been a recipient of the “Best Community Involvement Award” from Festivals and Events Ontario.

Eco Option Ticket

Island Vibe, Australia

Invest in the eco option where an additional fee of $3.20 goes towards reducing Island Vibe’s environmental impact in a way that the festivalgoer decides. It could be planting native trees, investing in renewable solar energy, or funding companies to install efficient lightbulbs in local houses.

Can Donation

Pride Festival, Canada

Pride Toronto eliminated drink cups and only used cans for beer. At the end of the festival all the cans were donated to a local community center, which used the deposit money for community programs.

Supporting Local Charities

Bon Appetit Ottawa, Canada

Bon Appetit Ottawa provides a recipe for both hunger and poverty relief. Once a year partners in the hospitality industry come together to raise money and support the operational needs of local charities, with a particular focus on children and the elderly.

Promoting Community

Rocking the Daisies, South Africa

The festival works to promote social growth for the community. In past years bikes and helmets have been donated, preference has been given to local goods and services, and local tourism has been supported.

Contribution to Community

Aliston Potato Festival, Canada

The Alliston Potato Festival Committee has contributed over the years to many community organizations. This includes the Alliston Relay for Life, Alliston Cenotaph, improvements to the Alliston Rotary Pool, and signage at the entrance of the town.

Eco-retrofitted Homes

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, United States

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival eco-retrofitted local homes with low flow showerheads, hot water pipe insulation, and compact lights with the help of volunteers.