Festival-Goer Green TipsFestival Greening Techniques

What You Can Do…

  • bring your own mug or reusable water bottle
  • always separate your waste into compost, garbage and recycling
  • bring your own bag – plastic bags never fully biodegrade
  • car pool, take public transit, or cycle to your next festival
  • ask food vendors for compostable plates and cutlery
  • whenever possible purchase local and organic food and beverage options
  • use mobile apps and websites for information instead of printed brochures
  • clean up your campsite (don’t forget your tent, chairs, garbage, etc)
  • visit any environmental educational booths located at the festival
  • properly dispose of any cigarette butts and grey water
  • research the environmental practises of a festival being choosing to attend it
  • insist to your local municipality that all municipal events adopt green policies
  • whenever given the chance to give feedback, share your thoughts on how important greening efforts are to your support of the event