(Name of Organization) is committed to having an environmentally responsible event and we are working closely with our partners to plan and implement a festival/event which will reflect green event best practices.

The key actions being undertaken are: (use past tense if it is published prior to the event)


The event/festival is taking place at (venue name and website). We are working together to achieve the following environmental objectives:

  • Zero Waste. This will be done through the reduction of waste such as no single serving containers, composting of organic matter, recycling and reusing of paper, metal, plastic and glass.
  • Food and/or material which are left over from the event are to be donated to a charitable organization.
  • The environmental impact of food production will be minimized through the use of seasonal produce which may be organically grown and/or locally sourced.
  • Energy Efficiency Initiatives (ask venue if they have taken any action in this respect)

Carbon Emissions

All activities related to the event create a Carbon Dioxide (CO2e) footprint. Our environmental engineers (name and website) will conduct an emissions’ assessment which will include:

  • Direct Emissions from the Venue
  • Transportation of attendees, organizers, presenters to and from the
  • Accommodation
  • Emissions associated with disposal of waste products (if any)

Carbon Neutral Event/Festival

The emissions’ assessment report will give us with the approximate amount of CO2e generated by the event.

Following strategies to further reduce the environmental impact of the event, we will offset what cannot be eliminated. Our carbon offset partner and sponsor,   is XX and will allocate the equivalent CO2e in offset projects such as renewable energy. Project types and location are:

Distribution of Event Material

We are committed to using paperless technology as much as it is possible and this will include the distribution of speakers’ presentations, event information. The event’s program and speakers’ biographies, which will be distributed the day of the event, will be printed on recycled paper and vegetable based inks.

Event bags and/or any other items which may be distributed to the delegates will follow a green procurement strategy and will include materials made of natural fibers which can be recycled and are biodegradable.

We encourage our sponsors to also distribute their promotional material in a paperless manner and/or on recycled paper where possible.

Staff, Delegates and Sponsors’ Transportation

Although we aim to make this event carbon neutral, we encourage all the participants to find the most environmentally friendly way to come to the venue. This may include taking public transportation, sharing car rides, taking a non-stop flight, coming by train or coach if time and distance allows, and why not walk or bike if nearby.

Please help us to make (event name) a truly environmentally responsible event. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.