The Need for a Greener FestivalFestival Greening Techniques

Festival Impacts

Festivals and events can have many negative impacts if they do not make greening a priority. Economically, events can bring thousands of people who will contribute to the local economy but socially and environmentally, events and festivals create numerous harmful impacts when sustainability is not considered. These impacts include: creating thousands of tons of waste, using exorbitant amounts of electricity, damaging lands due to overuse, and increasing CO2 emissions.

Role of Event Industry

There is an opportunity for every single festival and event to make a positive difference and to set an example of how other events and individuals can be more sustainable. The event industry impacts millions of people who attend festivals each year. This creates a responsibility for festivals to make sure they are working towards sustainability to not only lessen the impacts of their event, but to use the festival as a platform to encourage greener behaviour long after the festival ends.